Saturday, 31 January 2015

Diego Costa too aggressive or has the game gone soft?

Now dont get me wrong but certain actions are not acceptable in the modern game like deliberately going to injure the oppisition or aiming to brake bones so i understand actions have to be put into place to allow our greats of this world a chance to advance in there career as injury free as possible. Imagine what would have happened had the real Ronaldo not had knee issues or if Van Basten stayed injury free and didn't retire so early because of it who knows?

YES Diego Costa should not have stamped on both Liverpool players but if you take that aggressiveness out of his game then that fire that ignites his genius will cause him to be an average baller. Some players you just cant take that out of them.

Lets go back to early 2000's to mid 2005 when the rivalry between Man utd and Arsenal was huge REAL warrior's like Viera and Keane going head to head off field spats, and on the field war it was almost dare i say hatred but boy did it make us tune in and boy was it exciting. For me we've lost this exciting healthy competition and the game is becoming closer to a non contact sport which just truly disappointing me as this is a major part of the game that gets fan's off their seats.

Lets face it everybody needs and wants a Diego Costa, Viera or Keane in their team.

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