Wednesday, 2 July 2014

How far can Brazil go in this tournament?

Before the start of this tournament i thought Brazil were certain champions of this world cup lets face it Brazil kings of football playing in their home country on their own soil its just what fairy tales are made of, but so far in this tournament apart from a 4-1 whipping of Cameroon who lets face it are not up to the quality of this world cup Brazil just haven't hit the dizzy heights we expected.

Its so unlike brazil to lack so much creativity in midfield and creative flair players on the wings who can beat players easily when we look back at the ronaldos, ronaldinhos, pele's and garrinchas we reminisce of what brazil used to be.Simply this brazil team is not good enough or atleast not creative enough. Another key part of why so far Brazil have struggled is lack of quality up front no disrespect to Fred and Jo but when comparing them to the likes of ronaldo and pele they lack the finishing ability link up play and individual ability needed to play in a Brazil shirt.

One thing i admire about this Brazil team is the emotion that comes along with playing for their country you can clearly see what it means for them to play and represent their country but is this their downfall. Maybe they are so emotional and caught up in the moment that they lose all discipline and creative input they end up performing badly who knows whats going on in their mind.

One major plus for Brazil is this man NEYMAR you just cant imagine the pressure on his shoulders, the pressure to succeed to be his teams driving force but every time he steps up and i say with utter confidence if he wasn't in this Brazil team Brazil wouldn't have a chance. Four goals so far and counting he is truly a young sensation but can you put all this pressure on one man and succeed? will he crumble later on  in the competition ? I personally don't think you can put all this pressure on young shoulders but well see what happens later on in the tournament.

The only way i see Brazil winning this tournament is if the emotion and drive to win the competition means that much but you have to wonder how far can emotion on its own take you? you need ability and i just think there are more teams in this competition with more ability as a team and individually.

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