Monday, 14 July 2014

Finally Germany champions of the world for the fourth time.

They did it after all the hype and expectation tournament after tournament 24 years and counting they finally won a world cup. You may look at this German side and think they're just talented and that's it NO they had to work their socks off , back in 04 when Voller was sacked after a shocking display in the euro's Jochim low and Klinsman set about rebuilding the German team focusing on developing youth and changing the style of play to bring in a more attacking attractive brand of football.

This meant players like lahm,schweinstegier,kroos,muller and many others in the team today were all young prospects learning the game developing their skills and knowing that their country had faith in them. Klinsman and Low also created a B team for young players to hone their skills. So Germany as we see them today are not an overnight success they are a product of youth, hard work and faith by their manager. After Klinsman decided to leave Low was to take charge full time as he knew the style, he knew the exceptions and most importantly he knew the players.

In 08 after getting to the final of the euro championships you just got a feel that this young German team was something special losing to the Spanish golden generation in the final. In the 2010 world cup in South Africa they reached the semi's again losing to that Spanish golden generation but having played the best football of the tournament.You just had a feel this Germany team played nice football but didn't have the know how to get it done and win the game. They further proved this by getting to the semi's in the 2012 euros losing to Italy.

This world cup they seem to have their game faces on smashing Portugal 4-0 humiliating Brazil 7-1 getting to a final of the world cup but would they flop? In that final they were very lucky at times as Argentina definitely had the better chances but Germany controlled the game great movement great passing just what we were used to over the past 8 years. The longer the game went on the more we thought is this Germany squad going to flop again? It went in to extra time and out of the blue Gotze scores a beautifully executed goal great control great timing on the volley THAT my friends is what you get for pursuing with youth and advocating an attacking skillful brand of football Germany went on to win the game 1-0 CHAMPIONS AT LAST.

What next for Germany? will they dominate international football like Spain? who knows but i think this Germany team are more likeable than the Spanish team all Spain was about was pass pass pass and when they were found out they crumbled as for Germany they can pass as we've seen but they can also mix it up and play that little bit more direct which should scare a lot of teams out their and do you no what they're only going to get better.

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