Monday, 7 July 2014

Brazil have to get runners in behind Germany's back 4.

Brazil are without their main creative spark Neymar who will be a big loss, defensively they are also short due to the suspension of Thiago Silva. Are they doomed coming up against a more comfortable, efficient and experienced looking Germany side or is there hope.

The obvious weakness for Germany is that space behind the back four numerous times this world cup we've saw teams exploit there high line with their pace and intelligent runs Joachim low has decided not to change his tactics keeping the high line and overplaying possession tactics which in my opinion stops them from scoring more goals but do Brazil possess the players and personnel to counter the Germans?

Brazil have to realize this, they are not the better team in this line up YES they have the crowd but they are technically and tactically not a match for Germany so they have to give them respect. Keep it tight close of the spaces for Muller and effect his first touch on the ball, carefully watching out for players like Ozil and Kroos who will thread clever passes through the defense.

Brazil then have to counter attack with pace and aggression no messing around just quick counter attacking football this is the semi finals of the world cup its HUGE. The key player for Brazil will be that man who plays up front but who should it be? should it be Fred, Jo or MAYBE Hulk. I think it should be the latter as he is strong- which will enable him to hold up the ball to relieve pressure from the defense, Quick- which will allow Brazil's counter attacks to be VERY effective and it will also effect Germany's defense giving them something to worry about.

All in all i think as long as Germany carry out the game plan create chances and defend well i cant see Brazil winning it especially if Germany score first it will be hard for the Brazilians as Germany can keep the ball for fun. On the other hand if Brazil defend like warriors ,the runs are good and the  passing from the midfield is accurate then have a chance of winning this match.

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