Tuesday, 29 July 2014

How will Real Madrid line up this season?

This Real Madrid side intrigues me so much, the quality is unreal but in the past especially with Real we've saw them buy quality players individually that have failed to gel as a team resulting to them having no success.
Carlo Ancelotti has got a big job on his hands even more so as they are now expected to win the league but Ancelotti is a top coach and specialises in fitting players into a system.

How will they line up?


In this line up i've gone for The obvious back four nothing to explain their similar to last season. Ronaldo and bale on the wings cutting inside providing the penetration , linking with Benzema up front also leaving space for the fullbacks to get in to.

The midfield is were it gets interesting i've gone for Roriguez in the middle with Alonso holding and not sure who Ancelotti will choose between Kroos and Modric to support the attackers.

Maybe Ancelotti may go with Modric as he shown last season he can play this position well and links well defensively with Alonso. which in turn could mean Kroos could rival Rodriguez for the attacking midfield position.

This system is well balanced but if Ancelotti chooses to play it he will have to leave one of his big names out. On the flip side this system may not be the best system to use against the bigger teams such as Barcelona as they maybe exposed defensively.

4-4-2 Diamond

The obvious advantage of using the diamond is that it enable Madrid to play with all their best midfield i.e. get Rodriguez, Modric ,Alonso and Kroos in the team. Ancelotti loves the diamond formation having previously used it at both Chelsea and most famously at Milan. 

Ancelotti loves possession football and the 4-4-2 diamond creates a perfect platform for them to keep the ball as it has a lot of men in the middle the main factor would be how well and how disciplined would Kroos and Modric be in providing defensive cover on the wings and centrally.

Up front I've chose Ronaldo and Bale but left Benzema out they have used a 2 strikers formation last year and it wasn't disastrous so I think Ancelotti will consider this. In truth though I strongly believe Real Madrid need another striker with rumours circulating about a possible move for Falcao coming to the Bernabeu a great choice and exactly what they need. If Ancelotti decides to get another striker I think they will definitely consider this and any other 2 strikers formation.


The 4-3-3 is what Ancelotti settled on last year mostly playing on the counter using the pace of bale and Ronaldo to provide outlets for the defence but Ancelotti may consider using the same formation changing the system to a more possession based system.

I put Rodriguez up front as i believe he would link better with the midfield and wide men than Benzema would although Benzema may be seen a more direct option if needed.

In the midfield I went for the same trio however  i think Ancelotti would consider taking out Kroos for Isco as last season Isco did brilliantly bursting from midfield especially when in the 4-3-3 formation. Again Ancelotti has a tough decisions here and will have to leave people out using trial and error during the pre-season to find out what works and what doesn't.


Now this one I find interesting as their are so many combinations that can work with this formation so please don't shoot me.

 It could be Benzema up front alongside a new striker (Falcao) and in my opinion that would work well but we have Rodriguez who can also play that position. 

The main disadvantage and one of the reasons why I don't think Ancelotti will go with this is because it doesn't allow the enough midfielder's leaving them short in midfield especially when you consider the wide range of options Madrid have. However if they do decide on buying another strikers i can see this being a option.

This is a very attacking 4-4-2 and against the bigger teams it may not be as stable as other systems but I think provides a lot of healthy competition for places and some beautiful football.

Real did dabble with this last year and it did work sometimes Ronaldo and bale played central ,again that is an option to consider but if they don't go for another striker then I think this system should be left alone.

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