Friday, 4 July 2014

Crazy entertaining game.David Luiz wins it with a tremendous free kick

 Before the game we asked the questions can Colombia the so called minnows beat the mighty Brazil? will Colombia still play the same free flowing and attacking way? would Brazil crumble under the pressure? all these questions intrigued us viewers. Before the game we identified Colombia's pace ,power and young star James Rodriguez. We also know a lot about Brazil in terms of Neymar and how reliant they can be at time on him. Its was announced in the lineups before the game that Maicon would be starting at Rb was this a defensive move by Scolari to stop Colombia's skillful wingers it must have been as Dani Alves is an top attacking player but a liability defensively.

In what is becoming a trademark at this tournament Brazil perform their crazy but passionate and emotional national anthem which helps to give them a psychological push in the opening minutes in the game along with the crowd cheering them on.

The first 15minutes provided us with end to end fast paced football it was unbelievable to watch we had tackles flying in ,everyone just forgot about tactical discipline and focused on goals that's what footballs all about. The downside to this was we saw a lot of silly mistakes especially from Colombia in the first half.

The aim from both teams was clear attack attack attack.Brazil was trying to this by breaking quickly in midfield trying to feed Neymar in space who would dribble and create for the wingers. Brazil pressed high throughout the whole game and Fernandinho was very lucky to not have been booked as he continously came charging out of the defensive midfield position to press the Colombian midfield.

As for Colombia they left their wide players Ibarbo and Cuadrado high up the pitch to counter Brazil fast but it was obvious that Brazil were finding space in the areas were these players should have been covering like when Neymar received the ball and found Maicon in clear space in which Ibarbo had to rely on his youth and pace to get back and put pressure on Maicon.

The first Brazil goal came from a corner in which the ball was missed by defenders and attackers at the front post and poor marking by Sanchez as he just watches the ball not focusing on his man only for Thiago Silva to finish and the back post.After this goal Colombia looked a little deflated as they had never been down in this tournament before now they had to find a inner belief to come back into this game. However Brazil's confidence grew and started to take more care on the ball knocking it around and started to create better chance in and around the box like one were Neymar slipped a ball through for Hulk which he should of done better with.

In the second half Brazil struggled for creativity in the final third the second half was a little bit slower but Brazil's defending improved. Colombia's attacking play improved and started to run at the Brazilian back line putting them under a bit of pressure now it was the Brazilians on the back foot. Then out of nowhere Brazil get a free kick David Luiz steps up hits an amazing shot right in to the back of the net definitely contender for goal of the tournament. Colombia did not stop there they kept pressurizing Brazil and Brazil started to become frustrated and give away silly fouls one in which Thiago Silva got booked and misses the semi finals.

Late on in the game Colombia still pilling on the pressure Bacca gets through on goal and is taken out by Ceaser referee gives a penalty and a yellow card which in my opinion should have been a red because if Ceaser had left Bacca to shoot it would have been a clear goal scoring opportunity. Rodriguez scores the penalty and Colombia have hope. Late on in the game Neymar goes of injured this could be crucial to Brazil's success if hes badly hurt.

Unfortunately for Colombia they couldn't find a winner but what football they played in this world cup and with players like James Rodriguez who knows what the future holds for them. Brazil didn't play well but they win how many times have we said that this tournament? but with Thiago Silva missing the next game and potentially Neymar out they may struggle against Germany.....

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